Political instability in Pakistan


Fazal Khan Mamound
Political stability and economic growth are linked with each other because it’s an essential factor for a country to survive with new opportunities and economically competitive. If a country politically fails or devastate then directly it will impact the economy. Pakistan is a politically weak country due to many reasons that Pakistan still suffering economic crisis in every way. One of the most notable problems is money laundering, previous political elites including many beurocratic groups have got their support fromsovereign allies and then despoiled all the financial sectors of the country. The biggest challenge is money laundering for a country politically because it can lead to increased unemployment and debt, liability rate in country as a result economic collapse occurs. Along with these issues, Disagreement or conflicts of political parties within the state is the most fundamental issue of Pakistan since many years ago until now they has circulating in the country and spread their political sectarianism. Every political parties has doing their work for only political scoring to take advantage and    getting power, but they do not work for their country therefore the country economically, politically, ethically going downward. When a political party comes to power with their own political elites, it try to plunder the country economically and make more money. Sovereign political party has try to bind the opposition in every possible way and keep them silence, in the same way the elites commits corruption. Pakistan political culture has always seemed like a froggen measurement, In measuring frogs, it happens that when we catch one, the other runs away,our political culture is like measuring frogs. As well as, Blackmailing the honest politician to fall down and get away from politics has a great business of our political culture and then put into prison for a long period, from Nineteen fourty seven to two thousand twenty one we lost many honest politician’s, currently serious problem as Blackmailing the honest politician with baseless allegations to get away from political culture has been going upward in the country with some serious concerns.The last reason of political instability in Pakistan is terrorism, Terrorism is a huge obstacle to our political system because politician’s doesn’t take several steps toward development, That is why politicians can’t even think of development for a country.Kidnapping, target killing and many other issues are the most popular obstacle for politicalculture and as much impact the state economic growth rate.