GSP+ & Pakistan’s Sovereignty

Sanaullah Kalwar
Pakistan being Islamic state is sure to follow the Quran and Hadith, regardless of what the state of affairs is. It became a state on the name of Islam nearly seventy years past. With the passage of time several development came to implement the laws of Islam in true letter and spirit. Many helpful things took place during the era of General Zia ul Haq with the name of Islamisation of Laws. During that time several laws were taken beneath the umbrella of Islam which were unislamic before, new laws were promulgated, numerous establishments were came into being within which Federal Shariat Court, Shariat appellate bench in Supreme Court and Council of Islamic Ideology square measure at prime. Of these efforts were created for the aim of keeping Pakistan an Islamic State. In 2014 the European Union granted Pakistan a grant of relaxation beneath its GSP and standing. It is a Generalised theme of Preferences magnificently called (GSP) of the European Union (EU) that permits developing countries to pay less or no duties on their exports to the EU. GSP+, an element of GSP, offers extra trade incentives to developing countries already taking advantage of GSP – however reciprocally for the implementation of twenty seven international covenants, treaties and conventions. Pakistan being    beneficiary of EU’s GSP and standing isn’t solely signer of all abovementioned covenants but sanctioned all keeping their several reservations aside. As so much because the implementation of all twenty seven international covenants cares, the report submitted to world organization in 2020 appreciated the Pakistan in taking positive steps within the areas of global climate change, forestation beneath billion tree Tsunami project, improved vigilance to combat illicit narcotics, politically body reforms to integrate erstwhile Federally Administered tribal Areas, social protection initiatives like Ehsas program, promotion of religious interfaith harmony together with gap of Kartarpur corridor and legislation to make sure rights of women, children and transgender. the European Union is remitted to review Pakistan’s human rights progress after every 2 years beneath GSP+ to come to a decision the validity of its standing, therefore few days back European union’s parliament passed a resolution line of work for review of Pakistan’s GSP and standing spoken language that it’s been determined that laws towards minorities and basic rights were on increase. Once this news came out the ministry foreign affairs of Pakistan expressed disappointment over the development. It mentioned that the discourse within the European Parliament mirrored an absence of understanding within the context of blasphemy Laws and associated non secular sensitivities in Pakistan and the Muslim World. The unwarranted statement regarding Pakistan’s system and domestic laws were regrettable. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan conjointly condemned the move by spoken language that we are not going to compromise on the determinateness of prophet hood, moreover he explained the position of Pakistan on this crucial issue that the  disrespectful act against our Prophet peace be upon him doesn’t fall under the domain of freedom of expression, the act grieved each and every Muslim living on this earth. He further commented that the reservations of European Union would be addressed through proper channel. But Here the question arises in my mind that why the world notably the western world is a lot of involved regarding Pakistan’s internal matters? It was the French national Charlie Hebdo’s agency which created some caricatures of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that Pakistan condemned right away, henceforth the emotions of each Muslim went into solatium. It exacerbated matters of law and order in Pakistan, several protests, sit in were witnessed due to this provocative act. Everyone appeared condemning the blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and it resulted in destruction a bit. The main thing that hurt European Union is of Charlie Hebdo, his condemnation at international level by Pakistan resulted the EU to come and decide the fate of Pakistan in enjoying GSP+ status. Pakistan being sovereign State will not be dictated by any organization to do this or that. We have a tendency to had never accepted their blasphemous acts in past and will never do in future. The Government of Pakistan ought to abide by the decision made by Prime Minister Imran Khan that we will not tolerate the disrespect on Prophet Muhammad’s dignity regardless of the consequences we face.

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