Gender Inequality


Ateeqa Khalid
Gender inequality in any society is a fatal issue. In every society, male and female are expected to make an excellent role, but sadly it is a tradition in our environment that a female is placed in a secondary position in any field. All institutions such as social, economic, political and religious are dominated by men.Our social structure is arranged in such a pattern that causes inequality between male and female. Moreover, different atrocities are linked to such issues of gender ideology. The world that has always belonged to men and is still in their hands and values of men do exist even in 21st century. The role and status of women has always attracted the attention of leader and social scientists in developing the status of women. It is the struggle and sufferings of feminists who tried and still trying to break gender discrimination so  that men and women will be able to enjoy their own rights. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, women are domesticated in the four walls of the house and considered as a child bearing machine. Benazir Bhutto, who was the prime minister and could bring prosperity in the state but she was killed. Malala Yousufzai, who was an inspirational lady to bring development, peace and security for women. She was also attempted to be killed. Thus, the discrimination persists since the life has come to being. And whenever women go for developing a nation, they are shot out and their precious lives are snatched.