Eminent Poet Habibullah Sangi Sarvech remembered on his death anniversary


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Sujawal: 14th death anniversary of a renowned poet of Sindh,s Larr belt and political activist Habibullah Sangi Sarvech was observed at his residence in Sarvech Nagar near Sujawal here on Monday.
People from different walks of life and his family members laid floral wreaths on the grave of the late poet.
Speakers at an event organized by the Sarvech Sujawali Yadgar committee paid him glowing tribute for his contributions in the field of literature through poetry and for his active involvement in politics that was only for the cause of the common man.
Sangi was born to renowned revolutionary poet Sarvech Sujawal on 29 September 1958 and inherited the art of poetry from his father who gained unparalleled fame and accolades for his revolutionary poetry during the dictatorial regimes.
Like his father, he depicted the pain of poor masses through his poetry and created awareness among them regarding their rights. He infused valor and courage among the population of the Sindh,s Larr region. Sangi remained behind the bars along with his father and suffered ignominious torture during the MRD movement. For his heartfelt affiliation with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the Pakistan Peoples party , he and his family faced political victimization at different times.
An anthology “Daarti Lagan Dara” containing selected verses of his poetry was published by the district government in 2009. The eminent poet after battling hard with lung cancer passed away during the lifetime of his father on 23 May 2007 at the age of 49.