Black history of hooliganism at Kamal Jokhio village Kathor Sindh


Jokhio Jasarat Ilyas Sindhi
On May 7, 2021 (the last Friday of Ramzan), the scorching sunlight was at its climax to burn the earth surface at Malir, people were trying to pass the time by resting and reciting the holy verses from Quran in Masjids as well as their homes, ladies were preparing for pre-Iftar dinner cooking, cattle herds were in the way to return back to their master castles, children were playing on ludo or cell phone games, youth and students were browsing Facebook and social media as well as online classes, shopkeepers were worried about their income that from the next week, the third wave of pandemic Covid-19 will result them for forceful ‘lock-down’ as declared by Government of Sindh; yes, this is Kathor city located on Motorway M9 Karachi to Hyderabad just adjacent to the Jam Murad Ali Khan M9-N5 Link Road comes opposite to Tahiri Masjid Jeddah Hotel, Malir Sindh, suddenly police along with private security forces of Bahria Town in the leadership of Cdr. Aamir attacked the village and huge machinery was also brought to grab the land of Kamal Jokhia Goth, while as no one from the villagers had sold out the area with any ‘land-broker’, while as it was clear that Bahria Town will be created only on ‘allotted’ land but, illegal land grabbing chain is continue. Remember that this was not for the first time in the history that Bahria Town attacked on the centuries old land of villagers but, the administration of Bahria Town has been raiding on the indigenous land of the sons of soil since past 05 years. The villagers of Kamal Khan Jokhio village faced private machinery and forces without using any weapon but with empty hands just using the stones. This was the moment that the full bullets were fired on the villagers to kill and make them compelled to leave their land. Jansher Jokhio and many others were attacked who were referred to Jinnah Hospital Karachi. Just after a few hours of the incident, the community leader Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio, MNA reaches there and assures the villagers that no one will grab their lands illegally. He is MNA of PPP so he talked promptly to the PPP top leadership and made it possible to visit the attacked villagers and their houses in the village along with Sajid Jokhio MPA, Salim Kalmati MPA and Nasir Shah Minister to Sindh Government. The border lines of the village Kamal Khan Jokhio touch the newly built Bahria Town at Malir, so the value of so called land is reaching its peak in the history but, no one witnesses that anyone has sold his land with any agent of Bahria Town. This proved the illegal act of Bahria. On the next day, a FIR was lodged against the culprits but, yet the major role in this crime has not been arrested. Jam Abdul Karim clearly announced to the public that his services and love shall always be with his community and he will not allow anyone to grab their lands in future. The local community stakeholders warned police that the criminals are not arrested then their protest calls may also shut down the region. Jansher Jokhio and Mujahid Jokhio are two of the local representatives who are declaring that even a single inch of land would not be given to Bahria Town because it is totally an illegally occupied Bahria Town raid on their village. This is a violation of the law of Islamic Republic of Pakistan as well as the humanitarian code of conduct that when last Friday was there and people were practicing the Islamic prayers, the hooliganism was seen here. In reaction to this attack on Kamal Jokhia village, several strikes and protests were recorded throughout Sindh from the various social, political and community platforms which shows that the people of Sindh are awakened now and will not let anyone capture the resources of the poor people of Sindh.