AJK denounces Israeli aggression against Palestine


Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK),    (Parliament Times)  :  Azad Jammu and Kashmir cabinet Monday expressed full solidarity with the Palestinian people and strongly denounced the Israeli aggression on Palestinian territory.

The cabinet met in the State metropolis with Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider in the chair.

The meeting, through unanimously passed resolutions, called upon the United Nations Security Council, OIC and international human rights organizations to play their immediate role for stopping the future attacks on the innocent Palestinian people.

It appealed to the United Nations secretary general to immediately set up an impartial tribunal to investigate the genocide of the Palestinian people due to the aggression of the Israeli government .The cabinet also condemned the reign of terror let loose by the Indian government to suppress the indigenous freedom movement launched by the people of occupied Kashmir for attaining their fundamental right to self-determination and demanded the United Nations and international community to take immediate steps for granting the Kashmiri people their internationally agreed right to self-determination.

The cabinet reaffirmed for holding free, fair, and transparent and impartial elections in Azad Kashmir and the government would extend all possible support to the elections commissions in this regard. The cabinet reaffirmed its commitments for upholding supremacy of law, constitution and democracy.

The Cabinet expressed satisfaction over the completion of five year tenure of the incumbent AJK government and appreciated the steps taken by the government for fulfilling the commitment made with the people for completing the tremendous developmental projects for the well being of the people of Azad Kashmir and highlighting the Kashmir issue effectively at home and abroad.

The cabinet expressed the hope that will set up government again in Azad Kashmir and return victorious with majority after next general elections in view of the tremendous developmental work done for the socio economic uplift of the people of Azad Jammu Kashmir.