Chair’s KC-EU asks EU and UN to stop human rights violations in occupied Kashmir



Rasheed Ahmed,
Brussels, (Daily Parliament Times) : Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU)’s Chairman Ali Raza Syed has asked high ranking EU and UN officials to use their good office in order stop  human rights violations including extra judicial killings of the innocent people.
He wrote a letter in the context to David Maria SASSOLI, the President of European Parliament, Maria Arena, the Chair of Human Rights Subcommittee of the European Parliament and Iverna McGowan, a senior of Human Rights Regional Office for Europe of the United Nations.
The letter titled, “Tribute to the martyrs of Indian Occupied Kashmir,” said, the long-running
dispute between India and Pakistan over the status of Jammu and Kashmir provides many tragic examples of the people who pay the ultimate price for their ethnic and political beliefs.
In his letter, Chair of KC-EU memorizes that Mirwaiz Molvi Muhammad Farooq was shot dead at his residence in Srinagar on May 21, 1990 and the seventy mourners were also killed when Indian troops opened fire on his funeral procession in the Hawal area of Srinagar. On the same day and same month of 2002, Khawaja Abdul Ghani Lone was killed while returning from addressing a gathering at Mazar-e-Shuhada in Srinagar. Recent information received from the occupied land verifies the constant killings and tortures are being used routinely as weapons of war. The numbers are horrifying: total killings from January 1989 to 30 April 2021 at 95,776, custodial killings at 7,169, number of civilians arrested at 161,672, structures destroyed 110,409, women widowed 22,925, children orphaned 107,814, women gang-raped/molested at 11,240. Figures for last month
(April 2021) show that 92 civilians were arrested, 18 of whom were killed and 64 tortured. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed many times her concern over the deteriorating human rights situation in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir witnessing extrajudicial murders, continual killings of youth, rape of Kashmiri women and arrest and torturing of political figures and pro-freedom activists by the Indian forces for last seven decades. Unfortunately, all the UN reports and resolutions are ignored by the Modi government
Ali Raza Syed added, I am convinced that the only way to reduce human rights violations in the region if in the future EU and UN dare to play a more effective role in the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue.
Chairman KC-EU asked the EU and UN officials to join us to remember those who have fallen and to protest on every possible occasion that nobody should have to die for their beliefs.