The Online Education System

Faizan Saif Solangi
As the modern world is going to be digital day by day and we are being home based and wants to do our desired things on our finger tips like we do online shopping, sell everything online, watch everything online, attend online meetings, register anything online and meet people likewise. Online education is part of this digital aspect of world, as the other developed countries are aware about this online education system from many years, but in developing and under developing countries this system came ahead in this such a pandemic situation of a critic dangerous virus COVID-19. The world is being close time by time and losses are increasing in trade, economy, making of new things/products, businesses etc with these all the increment of poverty is being dominant on the people concerned with that we are having a huge loss, the loss of education, as the education is very basic pillar of a nation to be a much developed and likely to live relax, so the government took a new step for the education and studies to make them online so that students keep continues their aim work studies with going somewhere or to meet someone. As we talk about our own home land it is also an under developing country, we were also totally un-aware about this prestigious online system, but when this corona came across in our country then the government rapidly took this action after the February of 2019. The traditional classes are also not much worth able specially in back warded and internal areas, so when this online system came ahead it really affect them a lot as compere to the exterior areas. Now if we talk about the students, parents and teachers view that about to the 70 percent to 80 percent are strongly not satisfied with this online education system as compere to the traditional classes, so likewise very initially trigger the health of students as it is very convenient to take but with the advantages some dis advantages came across as well. When students continuously take these highly affected rays wounded with ultrasonic rays screen classes firstly and very much affectively it effect on our eye sight our retina get damage through out brain also get damaged and these damages show out age by age, like dry eye syndrome, eye burning, lack of visionary, blurring of things and much more, more over why do students hate to take online classes like students sometimes feel that online classes are impersonal, isolating and non-interactive and professors are not being interested neither in them nor in in structural process. The online study is much workable too as everything have two aspects, as the open university in Britain have founded that online courses equate to an average of 90 percent less energy and 85 percent fewer CO2 ( carbon-di-oxide) emission per student that traditional in person course which also be the cause of laziness in the students. Now as some reasons shown be mentioned that why it is much affected for students, like E-learning can cause social isolation, E-learning requires strong self-motive and time management skills, lack of communication skills developing in online study more over cheating prevention during online assessment is compiled, now if we share the cons of online education system as the poverty in our country is on top so it is fairly un-affordable for the each and every students to make the internet packages, to buy electronic devices to maintain network issues to continue it on, means it is not friable for most of students to maintain it, now if we talk about parents view that they have declared most of the time that it is not possible for a student to still experience success with an online school if they both the mother and father work full time. And parents who are at home during the day may find that their own student is more productive with studying when another is at their home as well, more over some people are unaffordable with the expenses and students earn money by their selves to run their education system parents wants their students to be extractive, talented, social and active and these all aspects and ways came by traditional classes means to meet with others. As teacher plays very important role in an education system, teachers have usually declared that online education system is not worth able for the students as they become addicted with the mobile phone and social media and do not take benefit from the online system as teachers are much flexible to deliver online because they did it by sitting in their home without any effort but some sincere teachers prohibit it for the students benefit to be strongly educated.

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