Bilawal Ali Lund
Islamophobia is the most used term to describe prejudice, negative sentiments, and hostility toward Islam and Muslims.. Islam is a universal religion and particularly the religion of peace, love and believe in unity of brotherhood. It is enshrined in human values and caters for the requirement of human being. Currently, in 21st century Muslims are confronting three main issues such as violation of human rights of Muslims in Kashmir , Palestine and blasphemy against Islam in the name of freedom of expression. The fact is that We(Muslims) believes that Holy prophet(Peace be upon him is our last prophet) and our hearts are full with love of Holy prophet (Peace be upon him) and we have to follow the path of Holy prophet as guided us till the day of judgement. However, it is condemning that western countries had showed disrespect, ridiculing and desecration of Quran and publication of blasphemy material against the personality of holy prophet(Peace be upon him) in the name of freedom of expression. The question arises that why the powerful west has plant wars only in Muslim blocs. Why the allegation of terrorism against Muslims in the country wherever Muslim practices Islam? Infact, Muslim world needs to know that it is well planned conspiracy against practising . It is continuing post capitalism and communist clash in Afghanistan and the world has been witnessing that Islam practicing block is under intense pressure from West MuslimsSome governments are still encouraging this phenomena through anti Islam state policies. It is irrefutable to say that issue of blasphemy and islamophobia is probably the biggest challenge for entire Muslims and have to counter it effectively. There is no denying the fact that Muslims are always being torturted in western countries such as 50 Muslims were assassinated in mosque of Newzealand on March 15,2019. However, it is sadly to mention that French president macron has chosen to deliberately provoke Muslims including his own citizens through encouraging the display of blasphemous cartoons target Islam and our Holy prophet(Peace be upon him). Importantly, In order to end the menace of Islamophobia the senate and the national assembly also passed unanimously resolutions strongly condemning the latest attempt of illegal and Islamophobic acts Western countries. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan always treats well with minorities including Hindus, Christian and Sikhs with equal justices and can exercise their worships freely. Additionally, A great example set by Prime Minister Imran khan that he launched Kartarpur Corridor in the district of Narowal for Sikh community so that they can practice their religious ceremonies properly. These several examples depict that Pakistan always promotes love, humanity and brotherhood. It is important to note that Prime minister Imran khan took effective efforts to counter the menace of Islamophobia for Instance The speech delivered by Imran Khan at the 14th summit in Mecca on 1st June urging collective action by Ummah, his speech at the 74th General assembly in 2019 in which Islamophobia was the main theme of his address, his Speech At 75TH United Nation General assembly session on September 2020 in which he inter alia urged the world body to universally outlaw willful provocations and incitement to hate and violence and declare International day to combat the Islamophobia , his letter the CEO of Facebook on October 25 seeking a ban on Islamophobic content, his discussions at International Forums like Shanghai Corporation Organisation(SCO) and Economic Cooperation Organisation collective efforts to curtail the Islamophobia and the adoptive of a Pakistan Led resolution on Islamophobia by the 47th OIC council of Foreign Ministers Thus, It is precious time that there is a dire need of Muslim Ummah and International Organisations such as (OIC, U.N) and to show it’s unity and collective power to counter the menace of Islamophobia there will no compromise on blashemy by anyone in respect of most respected and loved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and . western countries have to end this illegal acts against islam. Islam is religion of Muslims no one can tolerate against blasphemy.