Stable Pakistan could achieve target of solving Kashmir dispute: Sardar Tanveer



Rawalakot,    (Parliament Times) : Constituency 5 in Rawalakot PTI blows to the opposition parties. Hundreds of the prominent workers from Muslim Conference-JKPP-Muslim League and nationalist parties resigned and became part of the convoy of PTI and Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan. Addressing the PTI workers on the occasion, Special Assistant Chief Minister Punjab and Central Leader of PTI Azad Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas said that our forefathers liberated the region by giving their lives. He said that we will make AJK a model state and move forward while upholding the values ??of our forefathers. The PTI will win a two-thirds majority in Azad Kashmir and the PTI government will see Imran Khan’s vision in Azad Kashmir and will build a complete mechanism to provide employment opportunities to the people with development on merit. He said that Imran Khan provided all possible help to the Muslim League government in Azad Kashmir but despite having the resources, the Muslim League government failed miserably in solving the problems of the people. The government of Pakistan provided timely funds to the government of Azad Kashmir. The Third Amendment added some clauses that caused great harm to the state.He expressed these views while addressing a reception in honor of PTI workers at his residence in Bangui as the chief guest. The function was presided over by Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan while Sardar Imtiaz and Sardar Abdul Rauf were also present on the occasion. Saleem Chughtai and others also addressed the gathering. On this occasion, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan laid a wreath and congratulated the newcomers. Sardar Tanveer further said that had the federal government wished, Farooq Haider could have toppled or weakened the government but the federal government did not take any such step. The people of Azad Kashmir are aware of this. There is no factionalism in PTI in Azad Kashmir. Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry will contest the elections while the Prime Minister and other ministers will be decided by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. “I will personally change the fate of constituency five Rawalkot”, he said. He further said that if the PTI forms a government in Azad Kashmir, the people of Azad Kashmir will change the destiny of the people and everyone will feel prosperity and the people will feel the real change. “We will bring big development projects for the people of Azad Kashmir so that the educated youth of Azad Kashmir can get employment opportunities”, he added. He said that our forefathers liberated this region by giving their lives. Imran Khan is representing Kashmiris to the best of his ability. Only a strong and stable Pakistan is the guarantor of the success of Kashmir Independence Movement. We stand with Kashmiri brothers and sisters.