Palestine Isreal Conflict


Bilal Ismail Darmkhail
Isreal,the illegitimate child of Europe is only Jewish state,located just east of Mediterranean sea. Palestinians the Arab population that hails from the land Israel now controls,refer to the territory as Palestine,and what to establish a state. The conflict is over who gets what and how it’s controlled. Both Jews and Muslims claim to the land back a couple thousand years.The current conflict began in early in 20th century. After world war 1 British victorious and Ottoman defeated,Jews persecution in Europe wanted to establish a national homeland and they walk to Ultimate destiny ‘Palestine’ and become a Jewish state and establish a self govt of Jewish immigrants. Zionism is Israel’s National ideology. Zionists believe Judasim is nationality as well as a religion and the Jews deserved their own state in the ancestral homeland. Before Jewish walk to Israel already 20,000 Jews lived in Israel/Palestine.Advolf Hitler came into power in Germany,the number was about eight time that.Gradually they start a new system according to their own ideology.So the relations between Arabs and Jews become bitter British try to appease but not succeed. Through “Balfour declaration” British support greater Isreal.A deep support from American public, influence of pre Israel lobby and American ideology with middle East,s most stable democracy. It’s not possible that both Jews and Arabs lived in one state.United Nations gave a “Partition Plan” which was not fair and equitable.Palestine Arabs refuse to accept UN “partition resolution.” More than 50 governments recognize UN at that time.    It’s sovereignty over 21000 km. After a ceasefire Israel controlled most of the territory ,Jordan occupies land known as West Bank ,Egypt occupied Gaza, Jerusalem divided between Israel forces in West and Jordanian force in East.More than 400 Arab villages disappeared ,Arab life in costal cities are virtually disintegrated. Jordanian monarch control over territory and become a speaker,confer upon a equal rights of freedom and education. Egyptian control, Gaza strip Palestinian were not allow to go schools and colleges and denied a citizenship.40 km long and 7 km wide Gaza strip become one of the densely populated area. In 1964 Arab summit meeting in Cairo Palestine Liberation Organisation came as a sole representative of Palestine and their objectives is ” Independent Palestine and destruct Israel.” In 1967 a war broke out, Israel defeated Egyptian, Syrian, Jordan with in 6 days,known as six day war.Isreal control larger tracks of territory, including East Jerusalem, West Bank Gaza strip,it also captured the Golan Heights. After the war over thousands of Palestinian were record a protest for years ,big clashes with Palestine Liberation Organisation and Israel forces.Thousands of Palestinian were jailed and hundred were killed by Israeli army. On that scenario Hamas Ismailia ,Egypt by Hasan al Banna, advocate a return a Quran and Hadith, healthy modern islamic societies,build up a network of religious Educational and charitable institutions in occupied territory. Hamas reject the relation with Isreal. 1n 1988 Palestine National Council held in Algeria,the great leader Yasir Arafat start a new struggle of independent Palestine in West Bank and Gaza strip.He proclaimed the state without defining boards. In 1993 through “Oslo accord” a secret meeting in Norway and signed a historic declaration of principles in Washington 1993, mutual recognition were agreed ,both parties Isreal and Palestine were in one page.How ever the    deal did not move forward, the PM of Isreal Robin was assisnated and new gov of Isreal did not proceed.On that behalf President Clinton also invite both countries to solve the conflict but it did not proceed,in 2004 Yasir Arafat was pass away,Mahmood Abbas was elected chairman of PLO and president of Palestine authority.In 2005 Isreal with draw it’s soldier and settlers from West Bank and Gaza strip. The current Isreal and Palestine government approach is based on conflict, Mehmmod abas did not trust on PM NetanYahu gov and settlers expansion is main reason and Netenyahu is also under pressure of US, in his election campaign he said “only wants total freez of Palestinian and oppose the two state solution.” The reformers and Analysts think that “two state solution” or “one state solution”is solution of the hot conflict.Two state solution would create an independent Isreal and Palestine, and the mainstream approach to resolving the conflict. Isreali wants a Jewish state and Arab wants a Muslim state so it’s a possible solution that satisfy both parties. On the other hand ” one state solution ” would merge Isreal,the West Bank and Gaza strip into big country.Zionist reject this option because the entire population of the state is Muslim in Majority. Its alarming situation when the peace process is failed, their will a big challenge for world peace and prosperity. Some analysts also think that,if the peace process fails ,Isreal ,the West Bank and Gaza could become a de facto states. Some think as either Isreal cease to exist a Jewish state or the Palestinian become a permanent second class citizens in an Isreal that’s include a West Bank and potentially Gaza. Secretary state John Kerry in a taped conversation first reported in 2014, refereed to this second possibility as an” apartheid state.”