Third wave of Pandemic and Inflation

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Manzoor Ali Baloch
The dramatic impacts of 3rd wave of COVID-19 throughout the world which is most dangerous than other waves. Pakistan is also one of the most affected country such as economy recession, closure of educational institutions which results in drop out of school children. It is estimated that around 22 million children are out of school. It pertinent to mention here that in this worst pandemic situation Price of essential commodities are at skyrocketing such as fuels Vegetables, fruits and Electricity bills which has further pushed common masses towards below the poverty line    It is worth mentioning that in the month of Ramadan known as “Month of blessings” but unfortunately even in this month prices of commodities remain at an alarming rate. On the Other hand, Amid 3rd wave of pandemic India remain most affected due to Pandemic. It is calculated that more than 340,000 cases are being reported and 2600 lost their precious lives therefore due to neighbour country it should impose ban for few months because it is contagious disease. Importantly , In our country due to neglecting of following precautionary measures the escalation of 3rd wave of pandemic may prove dangerous than other waves, in order to contain pandemic government has closed Educational institutions, imposed smart lockdown in major cities of Pakistan. Hence, it can be concluded that there is dire need of following precautionary measures in order to decline the spread of pandemic, otherwise the consequences will be drastic along this government should reduce Inflation and Provide Ramadan packages of commodities in this worst situation of pandemic otherwise people will not survive due to poverty.

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