Price hike in commodities create frustrated environment around: Amir


Kotli,    (Parliament Times)  : Hike in prices of edibles and things of daily use have dragged the poor to the point of frustration. While talking to the media outlet, student leader and political activist, Amir Bashir Inkalabi said that unfortunately the people have been trapped in 2018 polls. Imran Khan has deceived the masses. Students are the most ignored living beings. A poor virtual alternative to the physical classes is bearing no fruit hence resulting the wastage of second year in line. The lack of proper policy and involvement of students in educational system has alienated the students from mainstream responsibilities. This can be dangerous in the years to come.
Candidate Chairman JKPSF Amir Inkalabi, uttered that the government has never befriended the students Infact has always considered the enemies to their core interests. This is the major reason that students unions remain an enigma in Pakistan. The nursery of leadership is close and hence the future of the state seems in the few inexperienced hands.
While the PTI government failed to fulfil the hopes of people of Kashmir. Its been 2 long years now since the worst abrogation of IOK’s Constitutional status. Yet Pakistan has done a little to curb Indian aggression. The PTI government has weakened the cause by keeping a fragile foreign policy. Now if the government tries to influence the kashmir elections that would cause a severe resistance. We will never let the PTI government to interfere here, although a pre poll rigging is happening. Amir Inkalabi told
The elections in Gilgit Baltistan were robbed off by the PTI Central government. The people of Kashmir will not let that happen in the upcoming elections.
Moreover, during the sacred month of fasting, the price hikes have added salt onto the injuries. Amir Bashir Inkalabi demanded that the PTI government must probe into the sugar crisis. From 2018 to 2021,the poor had not been able to have a sigh of relief. Instability is the word that remained constant during these three years, Amir Inkalabi added.