PM 5 million houses project: First phase starts in Lahore



Lahore: PM Imran Khan’s promise to build 5 million houses is coming true; New Pakistan Housing Scheme is turning the dream of giving shelter to the homeless into reality Prime Minister Imran Khan responded to the baseless criticism of the opposition. After launching dozens of welfare projects, Prime Minister Imran Khan is laying the foundation stone of housing projects in 11 tehsils of Punjab as per his promise to the nation. The first phase of 35,000 apartment’s project has started in Lahore and the foundation stone of LDA Citi Housing Project has been laid for construction of 4,000 apartments. Ongoing affordable housing schemes for the poor across the country have silenced critics who have been politically orphaned, criticizing the PTI for making only election promises. It is clear that the journey towards a new Pakistan Gone is the flow now. He said that 133 places have been identified in different cities of the province under Prime Minister Ford affordable Housing Project. In the first phase, 10120 houses will be constructed at 32 places in 26 tehsils of Punjab.