Land Grabbing in Karachi, Sindh


Syed Tahir Rashdi
Land grabbing probably wormed its way into the country’s history soon after its birth. People made fortunes by making moves on properties left behind by those who had fled during Partition. Nearly 75 years later, the practice has egregiously evolved into wholesale plunder of land–left, right and centre–that often finds its way to the top. Those who are involved have been untouchable until now; working with the blessing of a powerful nexus of corrupt government officials and criminals. To much dismay, politicians who should have stood in support of tens of thousands forced out of their properties are busy protecting this dark underbelly of urban development.Owner of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz is one of the biggest Land Grabbers in the country. In the recent exercise of occupation by Bahria Town, some 3,000 people have been affected who hailed from different goths. The women and children try to resist by standing in front of the heavy machinery but they get disappointed when they see the police officers doing nothing against the brutality of Bahria Town officials and their guards armed to teeth. The situation seems nothing less than that of Palestine. Bahria Town land mafia family with help of Sindh Police, Board of Revenue & Sindh Government keep occupying indigenous inhabitants lands cruelly. Later this haram land is sold to citizens for further billion dollars frauds like exposed in SCP order 8758/2018. Malik’s personal servants, criminal politicians still act like masters, their behaviour is no different than underworld contractor. However, It is requested to Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Justice of Supreme Count to take immediate action against this land Mafia and stop further Land Grabbing in Karachi.