Dangue viruse


Altaf Adam
There is no denying fact that Pakistan is facing several diseases and because of them the health sector of the country is faced drastic evils. In the same way, Covid19 itself is challenge and the Dangue is a burning disease in the country. It causes of mosquito biten and cause several thousand infections as well as deaths in every year in different part of country. But still it is not given any attention towards it and not being prevented measurement of it which is causing more and more victims of the disease. But mostly, Balochistan is most effected province. In every passage of time the confirm cases of dangue disease occuring in all portions of province. But authorities have faild to address the disease. Recently Turbat city became most effected of dangue viruse. Several cases are being confirmed in private and Governmental hospitals. but there is no proper measurements for the prevention of dangue spraid in the city. So it requested to Government to take care of the health of population and vanish the dangue disease.