Closure of institutions, a destruction for students


Rahmdil Malang
The closure of reading places is quite frustrating as it’s extruding the poor students into wells. However, this is the third timing that schools are being closed, before where schools were closed every students were chuffed playing video games, i. e, such as, Pubg. Such decisions of education minister are horrible to be followed since spreading of Covid-19 didn’t stop when institutions were closed in it’s previous waves. To delimit, the prevention of this drastic virus needs SOPs to be followed since they are  the part of it’s eradication. Moreover, libraries and other sentimental places where students get relax and try their best to study more and more, are closed which simply a disaster for the students career. Now the question is raising in my head that why other places are not closed like bazar, shops, restaurants, and markets where there is more rushes created in. This question is nothing else, but a simple asking to everyone the virus just has approached of closing only institutions. If one goes for thinking deeply so he/she will be able to recognize or judge the reality. And secondly, the creation which can be constructed after the closing of schools is indolence which never be fixed time which is horrifying, regarding Covid-19 are proclaimed. Like procrastination will be and second obstacles that students will be facing after schools are closed. Apart from this, several fluctuation can be accomplished if the decision is not gonna be changed. Hence, it is my wholeheartedly, request to the education minister, Shafqat Mehmood, to take his decision back that can beneficial fkr every students.