Custody killing of Ashraf Sehrai is an act of Indian terrorism;


IDDDs and Civil Society hold protest against cold blooded Murder of Ashraf Sehrai,

S. A Haidri
Muzaffarabad: Custodial killing of Chairman Hurriyat Conference Ashraf Sehraii, the sentiments of People across LOC of Jammu and Kashmkr arose, and several protests and Strike ensued afterwards . The protest was held against cold blooded murder of Ashraf Sehraii here at front of central Press Club Muzaffarabad.

Ashraf Sahrai was arrested last year in July under draconian law Public safety Act (PSA), his health continued to deteriorate at Udhampur jail but he was perpetually denied the basic medical care, he got shifted to Government Medical college on May 4th upon his deteriorated health, but he couldn’t combat the respiratory distress anymore so silently went in to grave at Tekipora under Police diktats as his family was denied to bury him at the Eidgah “Martyrs Graveyard”, Srinagar.

Addressers to the protest were of view that The Cold Blood murder of Ashraf Sahrayee is an act of Indian terrorism and before Indian Government might issue some more fatal mandates for detained Kashmiris amid Corona, they ought to be set free on humanitarian grounds.

“Ashraf Sehrai was denied proper medical treatment while being incarcerated. His sole crime was not to be yielded to the terms of frantic Indian regime.”,speakers added.
Speakers acknowledged the sacrifices made By Chairman Khuriat Conference Ashraf Sehraii, whose son’s martyrdom before him couldn’t halt him to raise voice of Kashmiris beyond horizon of oppression.
Prayers were Offered for higher ranks of Martyr Ashraf Sehraii at end.