Ashraf Sehrai died of Covid-19, Indian authority ignored his health: Fahim Kayani


London, (Press Release) :  The Indian government buried the extra-judicially killed Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai in the dark of night under heavy military presence and allowed a few people to attend the funeral
Special prayers and condemnations programs against Extrajudicial and cusdotial killing of a great Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai , Chairman Tehreek e Hurriyat Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir
were held after Taravee Prayer in various cities in the United Kingdom on the Call of Tehreek e Kashmir UK .

Fahim Kayani President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK said that Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai Chairman Tehreek e Hurriyat IOJ&K was leading the largest political forum that resists the Indian occupation of Kashmir, and was detained OUTSIDE of Kashmir , before becoming ill and being shifted back to Kashmir. He was charged under the infamous draconian law, the PSA (Public Safety Act); it seems the mighty Indian nation feared a 77 year old man so put him in detention.

It is in that detention where his health began to fail, and the Indian authorities denied him due care, as well as thousands of other Kashmiri political prisoners. The conditions of these prisons are far below standard, yet the point is that the Kashmiri prisoners have been unlawfully arrested and should not be in those conditions to begin with.

The Indian authorities claimed Mr Sehrai died due to Covid, however, that has turned out to be a blatant lie to subdue and suppress any form of dissent and agitation against the custodial death of one of Kashmir’s most prominent leaders. Lab reports confirm Mr Sehrai did NOT contract Covid.
Kayani further said we have been holding continuous protests for last three weeks in the United Kingdom to expose inhumane treatment with Kashmiri political prisoners and immediate release of Political prisoners because we knew that the Indian government will commit extrajudicial and cusdotial killing of top political leadership of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir under the cover of alarming Covid 19 situation.
Tehreek e Kashmir UK has written to Boris Johnson Prime Minister of the United Kingdom & All British MPs regarding the extrajudicial and cusdotial of Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai and demanded to hold India accountable for its War Crimes in IIOJ&K.
Tehreek e Kashmir UK will offer funeral prayer in absentia of a great Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai in various cities in the United Kingdom and Europe .