To look at the face of Ali (a.s) is worship


Mujeeb Ali Samo
O Allah… Love those who love him, detest those who detest him… and turn the truth with him, whichever way he turns.” Prophet Muhammad (?) said about Imam Ali (a.s).’Looking at Ali (a.s) is worship. Mentioning Ali (a.s) is worship. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all mankind, jinn and all that exists….’ It was reported that Prophet Muhammad (?) said: “To look at the face of Ali (a.s) is worship.” Imam Ali (a.s), the pious soul, who stood firm to spread the religion Islam. He was the first child known to be supporter of Holy prophet Muhammad (?) and the sole preacher of religion Islam of Allah in its true sense. He unflinchingly defended Prophet Muhammad (?), Islam and the concept of Tauhid till his last breathe. 21 Ramadan is remembered as the sad day in Muslim hijri calendar because on this day lord of this universe has taken Imam Ali (a.s) physically from mankind.Imam Ali (a.s) was born inside the Kaaba in Mecca, on 13th Rajib, 23 BH/ 595 CE, the holiest place in Islam, to Abu Talib and Fatimah bint Asad. He was the first male who accepted Islam. Ali protected Muhammad from an early age, and took part in almost all the battles fought by the Muslim community. His popularity and success was in the whole Arabia and the world. There is no one who is match to him. He married Fatima the beloved daughter of Muhammad (?). Prophet Muhammad (?) once said, ‘Truly, Ali is from me and I am from him, and he is the wali of every believer after me’. His (?) supplication to Allah Almighty is narrated at other place as “O Lord! my brother Musa had begged of Thee to open his breast and to make his work easy for him, to loosen the knot of his tongue so that people might understand him, and to appoint from among his relations his brother, as his wali, and to strengthen his back with Harun and to make Harun his partner in his work. O Allah! Thou said to Musa, ‘We will strengthen thy arm with thy brother. No one will now have access to either of you! O Allah! I am Muhammad and Thou hast given me distinction. Open my breast for me, make my work easy for me, and from my family appoint my brother Ali as my wali. Strengthen my back with him. Undoubtedly, Imam Ali (a.s) is the paragon of victory, peace, success and staunch defender of the religion Islam and the last Prophet Muhammad (?). Islamic history is replete with such noble examples with impeccable performance by Hazrat Ali (a.s) during spread of religion Islam. He (Ali), the noble warrior of Lord, stood invincible against the infidels and preached the victory of Islam in the support of the Last Messenger [Muhammad (?)] in all the sacred battles . He [Ali (a.s) ] fought all the battles bravely during the life time of Prophet Muhammad (?) for the sake of Allah and the safety of Islam. The victory for Muslims was certain when Imam Ali (a.s) came for fight. The battle of Badr, Uhad and khandaq is well-known to the historian to narrate but the readers never forget gallant fight of Imam Ali (a.s) during the conquest of Khyber. The biggest fortress of Qamus at Khyber had been taken by Ali (a.s) in an exemplary way. It was the stead swing of the sword named as Zulfkar which frightened the Jews to face Ali (a.s) at the battle ground. The jews never thought to be defeated because they marched with around twelve thousand army who all were well trained soldiers of the time. Muslim soldiers were only three thousand in number who marched to encounter the huge army of Jews at Khyber under the command of Islamic warrior Imam Ali (a.s). The choice of nominating of Imam Ali (a.s)    as chief commander for khyaber battle was taken by Prophet Muhammad (?) himself.It is narrated in the history that prophet Muhammad (?) said, “Tomorrow I shall give the command of this army to a man who is brave, who will keep on attacking, who will not run away from the battlefield, who loves Allah and His Prophet and is loved by Allah and His Prophet and who will not come back to me without success” Next day Ali was called from his bed and was handed over the command. He took the fort by storm; killed Marhab, Antar, Murra, Harith and four other chieftains of the Jew tries in hand to hand combats, broke open the doors of the fort single-handedly, carried his army inside the fort and within four hours, he hoisted the flag of Islam on the biggest fortress of Arabia and once more, saved Islam from a disastrous end. The Muslim soldiers were fearless because they were marching under the command of Imam Ali (a.s). The Muslims were astute that victory was sure to them. It was Imam Ali (a.s) who released the siege of and defeated the Jews at Khyber at lost. The Jews were taught with a great lesson that Muslims are stronger and true to their faith. All the battles; May it be Hunayn, the Camel, or Siffin are epitome of success of Imam Ali (a.s). He proved the worth of the power of Islam and the Muslims who submit to Allah and the last Messenger Holy Prophet Muhammad (?) in the world and the hereafter.Imam Ali (a.s) is the ‘ameer-ul-momineen’ for all who believe in him. Prophet Muhammad (?) said, “Ali is with the Qur’an and the Quran is with Ali. They will not separate from each other until they return to me at the pool.” There are ample miracles of Imam Ali (a.s) which proved him as a unique person. He has earned various honorific titles some reflecting his personal qualities and others for his extraordinary success in different events of his life. They include Ab? al-?asan (“Father of ?asan” [the name of his oldest son]), Ab? Tur?b (“Father of Dust”), Murta?? (“One Who Is Chosen and Contented”), Asad All?h (“Lion of God”), ?aydar (“Lion”), and—specifically among the Shi?ah—Am?r al-Mu?min?n (“Prince of the Faithful”) and Mawl?y-i Muttaqiy?n (“Master of the God-Fearing”). The title Ab? Tur?b, for example, recalls the time when, according to tradition, Muhammad entered a mosque and, seeing ?Al? sleeping there full of dust, said to him, “O father of dust, get up. 21st Ramadan, 40 AH\ 661 CE, after being struck on the head with a sword by the Kharijite, Ibn Muljam. He lived for 63 years of 29 years in relation with Prophet Muhammad (?). Imam Ali (a.s) was truly the prophet’s (?) shadow for all his life. He was in charge of command in various Islamic battles of which he came as victorious. He was prudent justice at his place, gallant warrior at the battle ground and strong advocate of Prophet Muhammad (?). These were the words of Holy prophet Muahammad (?) on the day of Ghadir, ‘… So for whomever I am the leader, ‘Ali is the leader.“