The Dogma of Modi’s Majoritarian policies further affect minorities in the ongoing Pandemic


Rafia Ali Abbasi
India is the world’s second most populist country ultimately grappling with a fundamental issues. Although India was founded as a proudly diverse country which illustratesvarious shades of Gandhi’s non-violent campaign Stayagrah in the struggle of independence from the British Colonial Raj. Unfortunately the patronage of politics inour neighbor country- India from past few decades lost the actualtrack based on religious preaching’s of Ahimsa. However the scenario in India is often poles apart and worse than the past especially in Modi’s tenure from 2014 to onwards till the date. Especially in Covid pandemic the situation is getting wore day-by- day due to institutional failure in India. International community is now criticizing India on its weaknesses and failures. YetFascism in the form of ideology and in the form of a movement which is gradually infiltrating into the Indian politics and controlling the different parts of the stateunruffled with the cultural and cohesive institutions. The concept of majoritarianism and populism partakesand deeply penetrates into the veins of BJP’s ideology. No doubt BJP works as a political front of RSS Fascist ideology prevailing the undesirable imprints for the ethnic divisions within the country. Indiais the country having 80% of its Hindu population and nearly 195 million Muslims lives in India along with the Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists. Nonetheless the Hindutva ideology is creating a gap between the different ethnic and religious minorities inside India. Their desires en route for ‘’Hinduness’ ’surely depicts the manifestation of discriminatory regime and prompted to a majoritarian state. Modi’s government in India is the first ever government in which RSS is directly in charge. The RSS is organization that openly parleys and fight about the Hindu-nation state. The history devours, revealed the illegitimacy of RSS ideology as an inhumane and offensive acts.Killing thousands of people among different religious minorities since last 80 years. The organization having an India’s largest private army working for the Hindu elites only, that has been banned three times in 1948,1975,and in 1992. RSS’s beliefs views the other minorities especially Muslims as “outsiders” similarly Christians, communist Marxists they are against with the ruthless rudiments of Hindutwa. The ideology of India’s ruling party BJP is as same as the RSS does have in fact the BJP is the political front of RSS and Hindutva. Disregarding the rule of law and the state failure to even be chary and taken them into court trails state did not prosecute the people who were being engaged in the unlawful activities in Babari Mosque, in Gujarat and other northern parts of India. BJP’s Neoliberal and Pro-Capitalists forms; Modi’s government is virtuouslypro-market and pro-business government that they are fundamentally fetching of a big business opportunities for the political elites and the RSS personals and the associations who supports RSS financially and politically; ignoring the rights and interests of working class as well as lower middle class. During this pandemic they lower and working class has suffered a lot due to complete lock down India but Modi’s government have not ensured any incentives to them in real means.Those often has been looted by the politicians, corrupt police and by the state authorities. Although 2016 bill was about the nationalism and development in India    but it also goes in favor to political elites and big mafia. Indian nationalism is inclusive that includes the entire citizen but there are many problems in the concept of nationalism as Hindu views nationalism in context of Hinduness only, whereas minorities strongly oppose this ideology. There are many debates on who is nationalist and who’s not that may be the main reason behind India’s moves to illiberal majoritarian democracy. Minorities are facing prejudices in India and their future is in danger under the Modi’s regime. Civil liberties, intellectual freedom, freedom of expression, right to organize including all the basic human rights are in prodigious threat under the fascist BJP’s rule as of shrinking space by Modi’s policies towards the other ethnic and religious classes of the Indian society. Theyhave not passed any bill any or an ordinance that could make a favorable conditions for the minorities and curtails liberal freedom. Which I a big question mark? To the so called world’s largest democracy. Racism and colorism is increasing day by day as of the majoritarian mentality is impeding the progress of the society. The people from northern sides of India are seem closer in appearance with Chinese people and due to their appearances they couldn’t get a higher paid job in Delhi and Mumbai even they cannot move freely to the western parts of Baharat, they requisite to prove their identity to the local majority people, where Women are being treated pitilessly, the women and child are being raped, killed and brutally tortured by the Hindu radical -the ruling classes. As many cases were being reported by their own media. The Manipur, Jaipur, Sikkim, Tripura are areas where the people do have not enough right being assured by the constitution of Indian state in practice. Under armed forces special power act (AFSPA) 1958 in Jammu and Kashmir and north east of India, abrogation of Article 370 that has been virtually scrapped by Modi’s regime remarked the inequitableextent by the state. The institutions are fail to opt with constitution of the state in real means, in entire India where police, main stream media, judiciary are very much inspired by the majoritarian frame of mind as the one whocould do justice he or she have to face gigantic political pressure if the victim is from the other minorities especially from Muslims community. The democracy in India is definitely excavating through propaganda and strategies but also whirling into the less liberal, superfluous belligerent, aggressive and more violent than that of past tolerance. So RSS and Modi’s government cannot live lyrian politics including its politics of communal violence, fear and hatred. Assuredly they will continue to take the Hindutva ideology to gain its ultimate objectives. Modi’s policies will remain same for minorities that will gradually lesser down the development by stumbling therights and opportunities for the minorities. Similarly Indian government showed a usual attitude towards them regarding the health facilities during this pandemicwith the other fragments of Indians societies. Where division between bourgeois and preliterate is still unbalancing the social structure and India is now moving presumptuous to illiberal democracy.