Journalism requires protection and courage to work free: Barrister Malik


On the Intl media day of Media , I will only add that Media is a last bastion of the defence of civil liberties, constitution, justice and democracy in any society including Pakistan.

Free press and media is an on going struggle and it’s facing historic curbs and restrictions.

Gagging orders and unilateral arbitrary sanctions are increasing day by day. Lots of journalists lost their lives and many their livelihood in last few years.

Journalism and Journalists need to be given protection ,equipment and encouragement by state and society so that they can freely perform in the line of their duty.

Free press is eyes and ears of a society , the more vibrant it is, the clearer picture, we will get.

Please Come and save the right to freedom of information , free press and free media and pledge to promote independence of journalism in our beloved homeland and all the world. Whilst doing it , we commend all those journalists who stood by this freedom through alternate means and at a social media platform in the most difficult times.

?Press and media Freedom difficulties are not confined to our society ,right to know is an international right and facing curbs worldwide. we must promote free press and media and ethical journalism free of sanctions and curbs but compliance with Intl best practices& regulations ?

Being a lawyer / write , I wholeheartedly support free press on Intl day of journalism.