MoU signed between IPDS and Istanbul Okan University



,Islamabad,    (Parliament Times) : Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies(IPDS), Islamabad, and Istanbul Okan University signed an agreement of cooperation to promote academic cooperation through international engagement staff in order to encourage collaborative research and to facilitate each other in the exchange of knowledge between both institutions. Both institutions will organize exchange visits, share academic materials, collaborate on research and publication, organize joint conferences, seminars and other academic meetings. Also, both will jointly organize special-technical and administrative programs and will produce and deliver academic courses in collaboration with each other.

Istanbul Okan University was founded by Okan Culture,
Education, and Sports Foundation in 1999 and is based in Istanbul. The
University has 63 undergraduate, 41 master and 13 Ph. D. programs under
eight faculties, two vocational schools, three graduate schools, and more than 25.000 students. The University provides education of vocational,
undergraduate, and graduate programs as well as short- and long-term
professional trainings. The motto of the university is being close to business
life. In this respect, University has close relationships between national as
well as international companies and organizations. ?stanbul Okan University is home to both national and international undergraduate and graduate students, who have a wide choice of programs in both English and Turkish that are offered internationally with the recognized diploma.
Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies in Islamabad, Pakistan-based research, advocacy, and public diplomacy Think and Do Tank focusing on the thematic areas of Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy, Strategic
Communications, Leadership, and Peace Studies. IPDS established in June 2014 and aims to provide strength to Pakistan’s effective role in global diplomacy through innovation and innovative research, effective advocacy, dialogues series, education modules, consultancy services, well-built & knitted public diplomacy initiatives, and engagements in the thematic areas. IPDS has established the Centre for BRI and China Studies, Centre for Eurasian and Central Asia Studies, Centre for Women Peace and Leadership, Centre for SCO Studies. IPDS envisions to be a Higher Education Institution in thematic areas.