NA-249 Results and Ground realities


Nasir Azeem Khan
We will discuss about the result of constituency NA-249, is that Rigged or Not ? How much Pakistan people’s party parliamentarians got votes with that Mr Imran Khan prime minister of Pakistan gave strange statement, what is the inside story. Pakistan people’s party parliamentarians got 15,474 votes, Banned TLP got 11,125 votes, PSP got 9,227 votes and Pakistan Tehreek e insaf got 8,922 votes, MQM got 7,511 votes about yesterday NA-249 election. After Election General Public have reservations on rigging matter..Pakistan people’s party parliamentarians candidate mandokhail he was on 3rd or 4rth during counting at the last he got first position. Pakistan people’s party parliamentarians were taking interest in Karachi and they were working hard for building relationship with people and also make sure people to get them relief from their issues and people of Baldia Town and whole constituency were thinking about to get relief from provincial government in future that’s why people divert to Pakistan people’s party parliamentarians. After that let we discuss about Pakistan Tehreek e insaf. Constituency was holding by PTI but they lost badly this election due to faisal vawda attitude and behavior towards his constituency. He was minister for water after that when he elected from NA-249 but he couldn’t give them relief from water issues, which is primary issue of said area and constituency. Let we discuss about Pakistan Muslim league !(N)now. PML (N) got huge number of votes in this constituency when shahbaz sharif contested last time but shahbaz sharif could not come back in constituency. After that Miftah ismael has a same issue, he is not resident of same constituency. That’s why he got troubled and couldn’t succeed. He was former minister of finance and last government was also have PML (N) but they also didn’t done work for NA-249 but PML(N) says that they have faced rigging. Now PML (N) have strongly stand with their statement about rigging and PML(N) states that voter turn out was approximate twenty percent but results were stopped by Returning office and district returning office,counting was also started till morning,we have faced same situation which we have faced at Daska election,they have also gave application to Election Commission of Pakistan for forensic Audit, so that conclusion will come out about form 45 that rather it submitted or not completely. During election .one thing is very important Awami National party and JUI (F) both parties candidate withdrew their candidature in favor of PML (N) . Both withdrawal candidate were also supporting to Mr Miftah ismael in constituency. Maryam Nawaz had cancel her visit to karachi due to covid,which was planned but unfortunately she couldn’t joined the Miftah ismael. After all this situation we should move on now Pakistan Tehreek e insaf back draw and statement which gave by the prime minister that, he admitted his fault and now he is regretting about issunace of tickets and also ministries that shouldn’t given these opportunities that person. Party suffers alot and also with that workers and people of Pakistan but Mr prime minister Imran Khan should knows that only regretting is not enough but should be get lesson from has done in previous. In my opinion Mr Imran Khan forgot his workers and speed up with their band masters and babies. He lost his seat and also give them seat to faisal vawda in Senate that seat will be also on chance for holding in future because his case is still pending and he can be disqualified on 62,63 Constitution of Pakistan. When Mr mran Khan gave ticket to faisal vawda party workers also were against that decision. In Balochistan ticket was also controversial, PTI reversed ticket and give support to independent candidate after that he again jumped in PTI. As well as Malhi got 5 times ticket in Daska constituency but couldn’t succeed. PTI contest ten elections but couldn’t won. PTI working is on the board couldn’t done work at all for people of Pakistan in two and half years ago.Which is embarrassment for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. PTI couldn’t strengthen Pakistan neither any field except their band masters and babies. PTI will replaced as like PML (Q)in future.And people will get revenge with their votes in 2023. Now let we discuss pak sar zameen party. After polling late night mustafa kamal chairman PSP and contesting candidate of same constituency came out and done press talk. Mustafa kamal says that he has won according to form 45 till now but after compilation of result he got 4rth number. PSP couldn’t succeed yet as they claiming again and again in Karachi. MQM were strong and urdu speaking people were united at that time but now situation is different urdu speaking people are divided with different parties. PSP have not wide chance in 2023 , may be few numbers of seat may win in future. At last all parties gave statement about rigging. It should be inquire by the election Commission of Pakistan.