Baluchistan govt accused of not paying RS 25 million to private oxygen supplier


Quetta   : A private oxygen producing company has accused the Balochistan government of owing Rs 25 million to the company – Private TV channel reported on Saturday.
The company says that the government has not made payments for eight months, and if this persists, it would be difficult to maintain the supply of oxygen.
The private oxygen supplying company, which is based in Quetta, supplies oxygen to the city’s government hospitals and is supposedly owed Rs 25 million in outstanding payments.
The company’s administration says that if payments are not made, oxygen supply could get affected. Currently, daily oxygen requirement has increased from 50 cylinders to 100 in Civil Hospital and from 40 cylinders to 250-350 in Fatima Jinnah Hospital. 15 private hospitals in the city are also being provided 60-70 cylinders of oxygen per day instead of the usual ten.
Company officials say the private oxygen gas company unit on Airport Road is also facing difficulties due to prolonged power outages, with a daily loss of 30% in the production of oxygen cylinders, which has led to the city’s needs being met by procuring oxygen from other cities.