Iqbal: The Legacy of Muslim Nations

Faheem ul Islam
The Earth has witnessed the great extraordinary personalities from the very beginning of life and also the work they did during their era. And it is law of nature that one who inhales have to exhale.The great personalities about whom the world knows are the assets of nations in their respective fields but the man with Divine qualities and spiritual taste is beneficial for whole mankind. Today it is my pleasure to write the few words about such a great physically mortal and literary immortal personalty Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal (R.A) {1877_1938} the man of philosophy, politics, Reformation and islamic beliefs.Allama iqbal was the multidimensional personality. Apart from being a philosopher, lawyer,writer,social reformer he was a good and devoted islam practisoner.His love towards islam and holy scripts can be easily seen through his words and actions and the love his writing reflects towards Prophet Muhammad (saw) and other Islamic scriptures.When Allam iqbal went abroad for higher studies the western ideology was surrounding him every where but he never surrendered to the dominancy of that very ideologies but rather took an oath to get nectar of knowledge with all possible facilities and will use it to wave the flag of islamic ideology.He conquered the western ideology and put forth the essence of islam among the non believers. It was his love towards Islam that he jotted all the verses of quran in such an amazing way that reformed the polytheism ideology.His work is known everywhere and is known as the great islamic philosopher of 20th century which the earth ever has witnessed. His philosophy of being “self” nurtured the muslims especially youths with real spirit of islam.He always focused on being “self” as he was known that once you will believe on yourself and will try to explore the meaning of creation you will definitely dominant the world. A great verse from his ocean of knowledge symbolises “Self”.These are not only verses but the message of glorious history of islam that how our ancestors used to be like.They were not even capable of having war tools but the name Muslim and the belief was enough to conquer the opponents. His love for holy quran can be felt by the life changing episode which Allama Iqbal once witnessed that I was reciting quran and my father came and said ‘iqbal what are you doing? I replied, Reciting Quran. And the same thing happened for two to three days and I dared now to know the answer of this repeated question .The Father replied Iqbal i wish you  these factories. There are considerable companies ; for example, Byco Petroleum Refineries, Hubco power plant, Bosicor oil Refineries etc. Various companies of textile, Human resources (HR), Software and Telecom etc. By (CPEC) China Pakistan economic corridor our country has progressed a lot, development of industralization has also expanded and economy of country has upgraded too. Firstly, DG Khan is mostly the considerable companies in this province. The city which has announced it’s “Hub project” the commercialization in this area has led to various social and political concerns. Secondly, for the past 35 years, Pakistan state oil has been fueling the need of the nation but The province; Balochistan itself doesn’t have industrial sounds, the credit goes to the province that it brought about industrial revolution in the country through it’s energy resources. Factories are very beneficial for everyone. New area of Balochistan has also developed for industrialization by “CPEC” project; Gwader port. Gwadar port is immense important not only for trade with Central Asian region (CARS) but also for the development of Pakistan . There is a high need for establishing roads and Warehouseing facilities at Taftan, chaman, and Torkhan in order to make full use f Gwadar port. Balochistan’s key sector are agriculture, livestock, Fisheries and minerals. Balochistan industries are mainly concentrated in Hub, Winder, Gadani and Quetta. The province Balochistan is only behind from road sector to other provinces. This is the potent case of prevaily poverty in the province. It is worth mentioning that about 35% of entire network of National Highways of the country name changed into Hub. This emerging city is also called the city of industries. Economically, it is also considered as one of the largest industrial cities of the province. Specially, Hub city is an industrial city of Pakistan. After Karachi, it is one of the most industrial areas in Pakistan. Hub city is located in Balochistan which connects Sindh and Balochistan. this area is also full of considerable factories which are completing the needs of the nation it is one of the emerging cities of Pakistan. Balochistan provides highly developed industrial estates facilities in the province. These estates cater to all types of industry needs and are well supplied with the wide range of infrastructure and related services which include Quatta Industrial, trading estate (HITE), Uthal Industrial Estate, Marble city etc. Lieda has been tasked to develop Industrial estates and to promote industrialization in district Lasbela. Here are some major industries in province; Balochistan, OGRA, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, Oil Gas-extraction and distribution, Pakistan state oil, Cortec products solution company,. (FDCS) Fast deal cargo services, Pakistan soap manufacturers Association etc. If we ascertain more than we get multiple even more than 200 factories. The province Balochistan is full of such interesting segments and factories. People from Every Walk of country come in this province for jobs they are are employed, earning their livelihood and spending a happy life. Apart from factories this province is full of minerals which are beneficial for public in this province. So in conclusion, this province is not a poor area because it is full of good and beneficial objects which are completing the need of each Nation. Industries play a vital role in our society and it depends on people’s mind that what people think, whether they go for negative creativity or positive creativity and in my opinion, we as a citizens must go for positive thoughts and work as hard as we can then our country and province will progress a lot. I request public who are working in factories should Discover new and helpful things so that we will not be called poor.

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