Attack at VIP hotel in Quetta

Bahram Iqbal
It is very upset news for in the month of Ramadan the attacks are common issue in Pakistan yet is not get loss. It is recant cause at the mid night of 21st of 2021 before 11 o’clock at 4/5 VIP hotal sudden attack happened where 3 people got died and 9 people had been lost their importance lives. However, DIG is reported with goe news this attack needs very deep investigation. It is very sad to not be safe from theor lives. It is very pleasure attack mostly in Pakistan. If public is not safe from month of Ramdan than how they would become save from other months. So, it very humble request to government of Balochistan kindly take strong action such common issue which are destroyed the life of youth and find out the criminal of this attact and he must be strick punishment till next generation shouldn’t do like actions again and again. There is a simple proverb ” God helps those who help themselves this is the time of to help everybody to save the lives of them and it needs investigation.

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