Stop smoking

Bilal Salih
Smoking cigarette is one the biggest creativity of disease which effected on human’s bodies. It is involved with the highest tobacco. It can be the causes of cancer illness. In the world there are several kinds of diseases but smoking cigarettes is the dangerous disease. Because, it damages nearly every orgen in the body further, smoking is major causes of cardiovascular disease, such as heart disease and stroke it increases the risk of blood. However,tobacco is the largest silent killer in complete Global as well as Pakistan is more than 160189 people died per year due to smoke .To sum up, that everybody’s known that the ones who had effected addiction of smoking that it is impossible who should be treatment in Pakistan and Mohammad Assai who representive Pakistan said that in Pakistan 23.9 millions adults (31.8 % of men,5.8% of women)  currently using Tobacco in any from amoug the young 13=15 years of age. ) 13.3% boys and 6.6 % girls are current tobacco users. So at the last I request to the current government of Democratic country kindly take strong action on this major issue which is destroying the life of youth of Pakistan that decreasing the Population of our country.

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