Where talks to convert AJK into Paris and Switzerland gone? Sardar Tanveer


ISLAMABAD   (Parliament Times) :   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader, candidate for the Legislative Assembly and Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan is continuing to blow up the wickets of opposition political parties from the Central Bagh constituency. Sardar Naseer Khan of PML-N from Union Council Topi and Raja Shahid of Muslim Conference from Union Council Jaglari representing the hundreds of comrades have joined the PTI and became the support of Sardar Tanveer Ilyas. Addressing an Iftar dinner and a grand ceremony in honor of the participants in Islamabad, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that national security agencies had fought terrorism and have established peace and now Imran Khan’s government is leading the country on economic grounds. He said that the PTI government in Azad Kashmir will work under a comprehensive program of construction and development and welfare instead of verbal deposit. We know how the economic cycle in Azad Kashmir will be built and run. Transparent and prosperous Azad Kashmir will guarantee the hopes of not only Pakistan but also Occupied Kashmir. He further said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan founded PTI in 1996 and came to power after a long political struggle based on the confidence of the people. In comparison, consider the history of becoming PPP and PML-N. For the wise, there are signs in their history. Why didn’t the idea of ??honoring the vote come up in the time of Mohammad Khan Junejo? He said that when he took over the responsibility of Chairman Board of Investment, he did not interfere in national and provincial politics. When he became a cabinet member, he started talking about politics. He said that we and you have endured traditional politics in Azad Kashmir for 75 years. But in these years no such program has been brought which is on the ground instead of newspaper headlines. Talks of making Azad Kashmir Paris and Switzerland proved to be airborne. People benefit individually. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that we believe in actions more than words. When it came to the field of construction, there were already more experienced people than me, but we made a plan like Centaurs, after which people thanked us. Instead of shopping in Europe for their families by chartering planes, they now do it in Centaurs which saved the travel expenses. Similarly, there are senior people in politics but we are sure that we will do what they did not do. He said that where democracy imposes responsibility, religion also imposes responsibility as a ruler. He said that the Punjab government gave one acre of land worth Rs 93 lakh. There are four industries whose raw material is provided locally. This can also happen in Azad Kashmir. “We will promote medium and small industry in Azad Kashmir. 68,000 units are in Punjab. We will show the people of Azad Kashmir and work with them. In our Punjab era, if business people did not take advantage of opportunities, they would say that they missed the best opportunities”, he added. Senior political leader Sardar Naseer Khan, PTI Deputy Secretary General Sardar Murtaza Ali, Sardar Iftikhar Chughtai and General Secretary Youth Sardar Amir Jameel and others also addressed the occasion.