Responsibilities of the eldest siblings


Bebagr Abdul Manan
Responsibilities which are plenty,mostly people feel they are burden on them which is very panicking and hard to fulfill and stand on. It is really tough and everyone can not make it ,if somebody does then they need appreciation like my eldest sister Zainab who is very appreciative due to her well- manners and being adorably responsible because she is the eldest ,as She have seen the world and experienced it and she guides us every time, that to’ be clever,confident, a good decision maker and keep yourselves away from stranger men ,do not give them too much space around yourselves and if they ask you something just give the answer and say nothing else” Even she usually Says that ”do not trust everyone and be alert at any moment, besause they might have negative impact on us” She watched us in school that somebody should not hurt us or if we need something that she would    fullfill. Moreover my elder sister always shared her past lessonfull stories when she was a kid defining that how much this world is mean and insecure without any guidance. she says that when she was a kid there was not any elder one to guide her due to this she faced many problems in childhood and now she struggles day and night just not to make us go through what she has gone through. This elder sister did many efforts to make herself away from such gatherings. Like my elder sister guides me, everyone who wants to be secure and far from such ridiculous acts and gatherings(drug addiction,child abuse,child labour,bad companies, etc)we need to take strong steps and should be bold,contident,right decision maker and a good judgement maker. When we become young enough to take care of ourselves then take care of the younger ones who are really dependent on your guidance and as a responsible eldest member it’s the duty whether a sister or brother. Till we reached in a good stage my sister always guided us everywhere and everytime, I am safe and proud to have such a elder sister..