PML-N in AJK springs up as boxcar party: PM AJK


ISLAMABAD,  (Parliament Times) :   The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said present government has maintained financial disciple and completed mega developmental projects for the socio economic wellbeing of the people of Azad Kashmir .

In an interview here on Monday, he said his government has launched comprehensive development policy to project developmental funds irrespective of any political affiliations to bring about a socio economic changes in the lives of the people of the state. He said special emphasis was given for the construction of roads and communication, health and education sectors . NTS was introduced to give jobs to the eligible persons while appointments were made on merit through transparent PSC. In reply to a question he said due to the performance of PTI government in Pakistan and difference in PTI in Azad Kashmir Muslim league (N) has emerged the largest Party in Azad Kashmir and added that the government has overcome the challenges and enhanced the state revenue. He said free emergency services were made available in the hospitals and developmental projects were started in the remote areas of the state under community infrastructure development programme to drop the fruits of development at the door steps of the rural masses to bring them at par with the urban areas of the state