More cabinet changes Naya Pakistan


Bahram Iqbal
Before coming to the power of any independent States it needs to be well prepared and dept clarity on it. An individual has to have good people how to do the performances it which person is needed to lead it well from which ministrials. It is very gorgeous for Govt to bring changes from his period of leadership if someone does not perform well. Today’s the government of PTI is leading the State it does understand by anyone because no one is aware about that why are they changing the cobinet within 14 days. It is not the way of good governance to change him/her from some days. However; technology minister Fawad chuadry who was once Information minister whose haste was removed to provided technology ministerial but again govt given the charges of information minister. From Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf (PTI) government it least four finance ministers were changed within three years period than again it brought new finance minister. Similarly Amaad Azhar who was called the well trained person but he did not take it more than 14 days get remove from his haste and how he can show good performance within less days. Actually the finance and foreign minsters are the main pillar of development country. If someone wouldn’t showing good performances it needed to trained him before by changing them your time get finish. It is very sad stated without any explanation of their activities which is being lost. It is must that before any discharge first clear the mistakes of him /her what was. Moreover; every time PM stated that he will bring more changes in Pakistan given the tittle Naya Pakistan but public is not seeing any good changes from him just it is running from social media where the cobinet brought new changes only finance minister change into information minister and technology minister has been changed into different minister. Kindly do not focuse only the cobinet also citizenship is suffering from deep problems like High price of materials which are not effort by them. It has been Ramdan who need to serve his/her home. Finally it is humble request to our elected PM of Pakistan Imran khan to  take sight from the prices of things not just the cobinet. It is good to change the cobinet to bring new leader but tho nation does have strong patience to face them well. Thank God