Incumbent government busy in corruption, we claim to resolve people’s issues: Barrister Sultan


New City Mirpur,  (Parliament Times) :  Former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir and President of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry has said that the government of Azad Kashmir should not be an obstacle in the payment of recognized rights of sub-families. He said that I fully support the protest of the affected sub-families. “I express my full solidarity with them. The government of Azad Kashmir has deliberately neglected in resolving the issues of New City Mirpur. People face many problems in this region”, he added. He said that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) will focus on resolving the problems of New City Mirpur after coming to power and will solve all the unresolved issues including the sub-families. He encouraged the audience to get ready to take PM Imran Khan’s vision and message door to door. He said that the next government in Azad Kashmir is going to be Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). According to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, we will establish a truly welfare government within the state. The government of Azad Kashmir has done nothing but corruption in five years. He said that the people in the districts have become disillusioned with this corrupt, incompetent and incompetent government, which is why the majority of the people now have high hopes for the PTI, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He vowed to take practical steps to make Azad Kashmir economically self-sufficient. “We will give jobs to educated youth on merit. We will make Azad Kashmir a base camp for true freedom”, he said. He expressed his views while addressing the Iftar dinner hosted by PTI Central Leader Qurban Yousuf in New City Mirpur as a special guest. On this occasion, Jabbar Minhas Advocate, General Secretary, PTI Kashmir City Mirpur also addressed the gathering. At the end, the host Qurban Yousaf thanked the guests. PTI City Mirpur PTI New City Mirpur officials and workers were present in large numbers on this occasion.