Black people in America


Once again, violent protests have erupted in Minnesota against the killing of a black man by a police officer as in Texas, a driver and a passenger were killed in an alleged police shooting. There have been a number of incidents in the United States in recent times. Once again, a black man is killed, apparently by the use of excessive force by the police. On this, American citizens, especially blacks and people of other races, are demanding American justice and they do not want justice to be delayed. A similar incident of violence took place on Monday when a white police officer arrested a black man, George Floyd, and restrained him by placing his knee on his neck. In 2017, People protested for days in memory of the black man killed in Louisiana. Which in return, U.S. The Department of Justice, had reportedly decided not to prosecute the two white police officers who shot and killed a black man in Louisiana. Had America’s Justice System been pure and simple to prosecute criminals irrespective of creed and color, such incidents had to be stopped at the time. Yes, Racism is not acceptable at any cost. If anyone have seen or experienced racial discrimination, harassment or hatred, one can not tolerate it quietly. Keeping in view of the tradition of giving tips in the United States to provide good services, because the salaries of waiters there are usually lower and this is compensated by tips, a couple’s handed letter is still remembered that instead of tipping, one couple handed a slip of paper to a waiter on which they wrote: “Great service, but we don’t tip blacks.” Such racial threats prevailing in the superpower country are really uneducated and highly condoled attitudes. When the U.S. senators and members of Congress condemned the recent attack on the Asian community in protest of racial hatred they maintained that the racial hatred spread during the Trump era still continues in the states of the country and vowed immediate steps will be taken to end prejudice and racial hatred. Why so manipulation only! Why don’t they support the person being targeted and stand next to him? Why do local communities not gather evidence? Record the incident on phone, take a photo of the person responsible and report the incident to the authorities? All promises and claims will go to vain if this country fails to address the ‘Equality and Justice’ administration system not only in lower departments but in the Police department particularly.