In spite of full lockdown, Covid-19 cases increase owing to violators: Speakers


Rawalakot,   (Parliament Times) :  Commissioner Poonch Division Masood-ur-Rehman, Deputy Commissioner Poonch Chaudhry Kashif Hussain, SSP Poonch Chaudhry Zulqarnain Sarfaraz, Additional Deputy Commissioner Raja Arif Hussain, DHO Poonch Dr Muhammad Hayat, Additional DHO Poonch Dr. Siab Afzal Kayani during an emergency press briefing at Ghazi Millat Press Club Rawalpindi have expressed their views regarding the current Covid-19 situation in Ramadan and have said that restrictions are being tightened in view of the alarming increase in the spread of Coronavirus in Poonch Division and a strategy is also being formulated to crack down on violators of SOPs. All educational institutions, madrassas including medical colleges, Poonch University will remain closed till April 28. Apart from compulsory services, all offices will also remain closed till April 28. Business activities will also be suspended on Friday and Saturday. According to the decision of NCOC, inter-provincial transport will be closed on Saturday and Sunday across Azad Kashmir while public transport in the inner district of Poonch will be completely closed on Saturday and Sunday. Heavy fines will be levied for not wearing masks in markets and transport. During the month of Ramadan, all hotels and restaurants will be allowed to open only to the extent of parcels during the times of Sahar and Iftar. Elders and children will not be allowed to enter the bazaar. SOPs should be strictly enforced in Taraweeh prayers and Friday gatherings, all public and private hostels will remain closed. It was maintained that in Poonch district, 569 people are infected with corona and 29 deaths have occurred in the first two weeks of April. The increase in the spread of coronavirus and death rate recorded is extremely dangerous and horrific if such a case occurs. If the current situation continues, a huge human tragedy could ensue. Now there is a shortage of space in hospitals. However, the government and the administration are taking steps to deal with all these emergencies, but as long as the people do not cooperate against the epidemic. They informed the public that the process of vaccination has been started to prevent corona. So far about 6,000 people over the age of 60 have been vaccinated in Poonch. CMH Rawalakot in Poonch Vaccination is being carried out in District Complex G Block, Hajira, Abbaspur while more centers are being set up so that people can undergo this process as soon as possible. Besides complete lockdown, closure of transport, closure of educational institutions but no reduction in the number of affected people is seen which is very dangerous and worrisome. If people do not implement SOPs, strict measures will have to be taken. Prisoners have also been vaccinated. At present, the prevalence of corona in Poonch district is more than 26 per cent, while in Bagh, Sadhnauti it is around 13 per cent and in Haveli it is close to two per cent. About 8,400 people, including traders, transporters and the general public, were prosecuted for the violations and fined around Rs 1.7 million.