Covid and online classes


Farhana Kaleem Channa
Gone are the days when education was our 1st priority, but now covid-19 has annihilated each and almost every departments and Education department is major of them. After imposing of lockdown due to covid-19 Government has ceased all the educational institutions. This decision has affected education very badly. When everybody was at homes a decision came from the institutions that they were going to start online classes. It was good decision to continue education but there were alot of issues in it. Here are some of them like there is no good internet service everywhere, some students don’t have mobiles and some have lack of proper knowledge about internet. Even though some of teachers didn’t know about softwares which they were using for online classes. If running online classes is a solution then why there are schools, colleges and universities? Rather wasting time on online classes they should open the educational institutions through following SOPs, otherwise our new generation will be suffering alot from it. Government should observe this    that what results have been had through online classes. To save the generations we will have to open the schools otherwise education will be name just.