Covid-19 and SoPs at Koh-i-Murad Ziarat


AB Baloch
Koh-i-Murad Ziarat is known a holy place of worship of Zikri Community situated in Turbat City of Balochistan. Every year a large number of people from Makran and outside Makran specially from Karachi and outside Pakistan assemble here to offer prayers during the holy month of Ramzan. Their arrival often starts from 15th of Ramzan and they perform their religious rituals from 21st Ramzan to 27th Ramzan. Moreover, they come here in great number which exceeds thirty thousands people. Importantly, in the wake of third wave of covid-19, the administration in collaboration of Ziarat Committee of Zikri must make sure the social distancing and use of mask to contain spread of deadly virus. In order to ensure observance of SoPs , the district administration should corporate with Ziarat Committee so that we will be able to protect people from Covid-19.