Corruption is pleasure Ground


Bahram Iqbal
The people makes the corruption as a tissue paper where they need to use it. But it is not that to be as simple thing which is destroyed the system of independent States. Similarly; the polician of Pakistan who were leaded the counry which was completely became destroyed the total investments distrub. But the word corruption itself is common to everyone nor good for the every States that want to become the stronge in the world. Like, Nawaz Shareef who was become three times prime minister of Pakistan who did many corruption for his business from abroad countries so, for his mistake today Pakistan is in Grey list. Pakistan is unable to pay the loan of World Bank.There were many causes build for Nawaz Shareef which was handed by Ex- president Asif Ali to make Nawaz down. If today Pakistan is suffering from poverty-stricken due to thier corruption since we public effecting their did corruptions. Similarly PPP which had been leaded Pakistan also they did many corruption. However; if today’s PTI Government who is the current party who is about make the Pakistan as good way to finishing it but opposition they do not allow him to makes Pakistan upper. It is impossible ones can stop corruption for it all citizenship have to be together with government of Pakistan to controlled this major issue which is effected in Pakistan as cancer diseases. So; hope that it will soon finished and Pakistan will make good goods with abroad countries to develop its economy better and soon will it will take out from Grey list.