Who is next?


Siraj Sakhi
After Zainab Amin Ansari’s case, the body of a seven year girl from kasur Punjab was found in a garbage disposal site near the city of Lahore, on 9 January 2018. She was extensively raped and tortured. consequently, an uproar ensued after the news came in public notice. Similarly, we the public speculated that it would be the first and final brutal and inhumane accident that happened with Zainab whose murderer Imran Ali a serial killer was hanged. But, we were wrong. Our crimeweary society is full of such anti social characters. Now, it is Hareem Shah, a minor 4 years old girl, from the KPK District Kohatt whose body was found in a drain, on Thursday morning, after she went missing. However, the forensic report of an innocent minor confirmed that the she was sexually assaulted which caused her death. The victim’s family has been traumatized and is in extensive worry which shows that how much ruthless we are. It has been a graver threat which needs to be addressed with iron hands. So the Govt must launch an extensive manhunt and ensure the immediate arrest of sexual offenders and let them face the music. However, the NGO Sahil found that there has been a 4% increase in documented cases of major crimes against children; 2960 cases of child sexual abuse, kidnapping, missing children and child marriages from the previous year. This means that at least eight children were abused each day last year. The Authorities concerned and government need to take this seriously. Not only the governmen but people should also raise voice against this mischievous act. There must be harsh punishments for the rapists.