SM Law College


The Prestigious institution of Sindh, SM Law College, is a milestone in the history of legal development. This is a government institution established in late 1947. The college shifted to its present building in 1948, from thereon its affiliation starts with the University of Karachi. This historic law college has produced many notables starting from Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as he taught International Law to the institute, to the current chief justice supreme court of Pakistan, Justice Gulzar Ahmed. The college has produced many notables including Chief Justices, Chief Justices of Federal Shariat Court, Chief Minister of Sindh, Federal Ministers, Attorney General (Makhdoom Ali Shah), and many judges of the SCOP and Sindh High Court. Despite its prosperous background, this college is now facing severe setbacks. From the whole dysfunctional administration to the higher authorities, they are marionettes manipulated by the UOK. This law college comprises students from many impoverished areas of Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and students from the interior Sindh having weak financial backgrounds. Students from different places are studying together as if there is a collection of various flowers in a garden, but it is a pity that these students are not being treated well. The UOK does not hold their exams on time due to which students wasting their precious years as compared to the other educational institutions. The aimless increment in fees is another headache that exacerbates the tensions between the college staff and the students. In the current scenario, the Covid hits the economy of the entire country, it’s hard to manage everything for a middle-class student to meet the daily requirements of life. Despite all the circumstances, the college administration continued to increase the fees relentlessly. Education fees are being reduced in all countries, but the Sindh government is still unaware of this dilapidated condition. The relationship between the principal and administration with the students has been as close as the poet and the listener of a poem. No matter how much the poet describes the pain, the ignorant people sitting next to the poet keep on praising instead of sharing his grief. It is difficult to believe that the Sindh government is not granting any financial aid, If so then the government is to blame but the amount paid by the 1500+ students should be sufficient to run the administrative affairs as there are no academic and extra-curricular activities within the college from the beginning. We as students of SM Law College filed several constitutional petitions to hold college staff accountable, but the result was disappointing. In defiance of court decisions, the Sindh government, including Education Minister Saeed Ghani, and college faculty failed to give the college an orderly system. The nexus of Karachi University and the unconscious officials of SM college without following the orders of the judiciary and the Pakistan Bar Council is a matter of concern and the government agencies are once again.  appealed to lessen the difficulties of the students by reducing the fees and taking the exams on time.