Sindh: Another Palestine?

According to the three levels of the human needs in economics: flour, cloth and shelter are included in the three basic needs. The majority of the world’s population is surviving under the umbrella of this slogan. It was not only Bhutto’s sole slogan but also the philosophy that distinguished between Husseinism and Pharaohs. The PPP, which has been in power in Sindh for approximately ten years, is the largest party in the country and is also called the chain of four provinces. How much has the party adhered to its manifesto? Flour is being sold in Sindh at more than 70 rupees and is being sold cheaply in other provinces. Flour is not as expensive in Afghanistan as it is in Sindh. After Karachi, the capital of Sindh, many other poor people’s houses are being evicted initially as an excuse for the decision of the High Court. No firm strategy is adopted by any political or social leader to save the homes of the poor Sindhis. Today, the original inhabitants of this Sufi land are again falling prey to the conspiracies of the political enemies. And, it is maintained that they are illegal, now who will ask such decision makers whether Sindhis are illegal or aliens living in Sindh are illegal? Now that the jobs are cut off from the province, houses are being looted, Is Sindh looking like Palestine today? The province is in a financial crisis as the government is looting money from the job seekers as examination fees and earning million rupees. The public is worried about their future, inflation is at peak and unemployment is growing day after day. So called terrorists are shedding innocent blood in the name of honor. There is no humanity at all remaining in the province. As the people of Sindh are in pain today, who has destroyed Sindh? Chiefs, feudal lords, capitalists or PPP itself? Pakistan Peoples Party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari had said that if the government (Federal) fails to enable something for the people of Pakistan, a terrible situation could arise in the country. Who is responsible of the plight of Sindh now?

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