Short story: A hare and a tortoise


M. Bilal Liaquat
Once upon a time there lived a hare with a tortoise who were very closed friends to each ot her.The hare always laughed at tortoise and blame it slow motion also Hare admired its fast speed.But the tortoise became shamefull infront of hare,Because it could not run fast as Hare could.So one day Hare made fun on it due to its slow motion.By the way tortoise took it serious and challenged the hare to have a race then let’s see who will be winner?Hare smile and replied okey let’s do it.Hare was proud of its fast speed and believed that it would win and accepted the challenge and decided the distination at a distance.The next day, They started their race.The hare ran so fast as could.After crossing a long distance it lost its sight and thought to take some rest under the shady tree and sit under it and suddenly slept in deeply. On the other hand, Tortoise did not accept lose and kept walking  slowly.After a long time it came to hare and saw that hare is sleeping and it continued its journey and reached at the distination. A long time hare woke up and run towards the distination.When hare reached at the distination,It saw that tortoise is there before him.Hare shocked and became ashamed infront of tortoise that he reached before him.At last tortoise won the race due to his perseverance. Here we can get a great lesson that perseverance is first step of success so that we all should keep our struggle and should have not give it up.