Book review, “The 7 habits of highly effective teenagers”


Alia Asadullah
Motivational book, The 7 habits of highly effective teenagers is an extraordinary and heart touching book, and the book was published on 1998, it is written by best-selling inspirational writer Sean Covey, he is son of Stephen Covey who is the best seller writer too, the books contain 227 pages more and more the book is based on short stories, inspiration thoughts which can change the person’s life. Furthermore the purpose of the 7 habits of highly effective teenagers is to help you to lead your life in a truly effective way, it is the book which bit by bit guide to benefit you and give faith in oneself. The 7 habits of highly effective teenagers is a book which will help you and motivate you or anyone and which access  everyone. The book shows us that a teenagers lives there comes alot of challenges  which they have to deal, like fear of less mark’s , avoiding bad habits, being failed, responsibility of younger siblings and etc. Faraway this is a book which will guide you to live happy and a successful life and this book is a message for teenagers who want a successful life , As well the book connects us to our civil where we live, we can behold alot of teenagers who are disappointed with their every results and there are alot of teenagers who have the fear to talk when they have a problem even they don’t have a good listener too that they should be listened. The writer describes the meaning of 7 habits which highly can change the teenager’s lives the habit will tell you to take responsibility for your life, define your mission and goals in life, to have an everyone can win attitude, do the most important thing first, listen to people sincerely, renew yourself regularly. Subsequently the stranght of the book is which I liked the most is to have a good attitude to win and full of positivity in the book the 7 habits of highly effective teenagers is full of inspiration thoughts lesson so no doubt it is the best book for teenagers to read it and achieve their goals and live a wonderful life.