Banning TLP is not enough!


Nazir Ahmed (Lawyer)
In recent, the deadly and bloody violence by a religious organization has buried the secularity and security of state. However, the act , like from TLP, has happened repeatedly in past. The question is, what was unprecedented in that whole situation? And it might be the negligence of sitting government. The destruction carried by TLP workers was hugely sounded to nation. But, sadly the government seemed unconscious of it. Right before Ramadan; the traffic was disrupted wholly in all major cities, public vehicles were burnt, building crushed, many security personnel were cruelly beaten and wounded, in a result one soldier in Punjab lost his life. Despite this terrible tragedy when public was in panic, ruling elites felt no pain. The PTI- led government neither sympathized the victims nor facilited the suffering one’s. Reacting to such demoralizing and demolishing circumstances, the interior minister lately appeard on media and uttered in a presser: ” For the sake of guarantying safety and security to state, the government has come up to put ban on TLP organization; in accordance with ( Anti- terrorism act ) of 1997 (11) B. Nevertheless, government’s verdict was timely good but not enough to end the expanding extremism. It’s dire need for government to identify the culprit and bring them into the bars. As stability of state and law and order situation to be kept alive. Meanwhile, banning an organization may not work, unless,we as a nation decide to end all patronage or appeasement of all kind of extremist groups through state appratus or politics.