TLP Protests: Government Failure?


The Federal Government regarding Tehreek-e-Labbaik protests has now decided to severely confront the elements of the miscreants and those hindering the peace of the country. The country has become a battleground because of the protests of TLP across the multiple cities. Religious parties are still protesting in Rawalpindi and Khanewal cities of Punjab due to which traffic on various roads is stopped. Since Monday, TLP protesters are demonstrating against the arrest of Allama Saad Hussain Rizvi. What is the story? TLP protested against the government in Islamabad in November last year and demanded the deportation of the French ambassador, for which the government had asked for time until February this year and later more time. TLP had set a date of April 20 for the government and demanded that the government deport the French ambassador by April 20. A few days ago, Hafiz Saad Rizvi, the leader of TLP, had said in a video message that if the government did not fulfill its promise, the workers should be ready to march towards Islamabad. The government had earlier arrested Hafiz Saad Rizvi on Monday, prompting protests across the country. This step of ‘Early Bird’ is totally unfair if one thinks with maturity about the future consequences of any decision. The government has arrested thousands of their workers. How will they agree to end protests now? These people are openly challenging the state writ again and again. The government does not negotiate with those which are necessary elements of the country, this thing must be considered for the sake of the country’s protection. The third terrible wave of Corona is currently raging in Pakistan and its intensity is increasing day by day. If the government fails to handle the situation, there could be mass killings in the country. The extremists have paralyzed the capital, transportation system of the country and the government resources by doing such a heavy protest. With property damage, the sinking of billions of rupees, police brutality and arson, many quarters are asking why the state was not taking action before the signals of the protests were already alarmed?