Don’t waste your food


Along with being basic need Food is benediction enjoyed by all creatures of Allah. The statistics show that millions of people die out of hunger and poverty in particular. If we take an example of our country , thousands of thousand people are insufficient of availing two times food in a day.Good ratio of people is compelled to live below poverty line and now people have started commiting suicide even. Many cases are reported about people giving up ghost owing to poverty and at times because of starvation. There are many peoples in the world who face a hard time to get even a single loaf of food. Simultaneously , There are many people in the world who waste the food items by arranging several and uncountable dishes at a time.This kind of practice has been witnessed in events , parties and get togethers.The reports tell that this horrid habit usually takes place in developed nations. Very often so we have gone through some glimpse on social media where people especially children eat from garbage basket or from bins lying infront of little hotels and (Dhabas). The value of one time food could better be understood by those who are poverty stricken and downtrodden people. The picture of their pain and suffering can not be depicted by those having big bellies.The continent africa and some countries of Asia are counted amongst those unfortunate people who take hunger and poverty as divine division. Its their destiny to live miserable life. That looks too much wrong, worrying and disappointing situation .Additionally , those who waste food are also accountable in the court of Allah throwing food makes Allah angry and their rizq which they have been given cn also be taken away by giver.