Ramzan ul Mubarak the month of sacredness, cult and absolution

Sayed Sajid shah
The Muslims all over the world smarm, Ramzan every year for its beatific and blessed nature. It gives an opportunity, to all the Muslims of the world to be chaste, prayer and devoted to Islamic ceremonies to find the propitiate of Allah. It is the Month given to the Muslims by Almighty Allah for absolution and blessing. In this sacred Month the Muslims attempts their best to achieve the targets of Allah cantiness , orgiveness for their immoralities ,evils and win paradise through their worship and best performance. This Month trained Muslims to keep the synagogical, cases, ethics according to Quran and Sunnah for the whole year and prove that they are good Muslims. Keeping in view the sensitivity and importance of the Month all over the world the Muslims and even the non-Muslims adoration had proved how important this Month was? Mostly the European Nation have had 50% off on daily, commodities in this Month with other benefits to win the consent of Allah. Most countries of the world like Newzeland, Canda ,Germany had already offered special packages for the Muslims to have fasting. As a token of respect and honour of the Month the Canadian Prime Minister always had Dinner (iftar party in Mosques with Muslims) besides providing relief and facilities. The government of KPK had announced a  strategy for the poor communities on the use of daily goods while providing an opportunity to control the market rates. However threats due to Corona is still lying like a sword of Damocles on the heads of masses . It is too difficult to understand the Myth and background of Ramzan Pacakges when half of its population is vulnerable due to financial and economic constraints.One third of population do not have any access to basic needs because of poverty and unemployment. Although It has been given many names like Ramzan Marystial, Meals on Wheels etc but still it is a big challenge for government to provide relief in its true sense. Unfortunately, most of the traders and business community stocks the items and sell it on black or to private firm after creating a shortage of goods. So beside government it is the responsibility of all communities to relax and minimize the commodities and ensure its access to the poor class.Under the proposed Ramzan plan 83 sasta Bazar,52 Kissan Markets would be established to ensure the uninterrupted supply of essential goods and commodities at cheaper rate. At the same time the police department had focused on a plan of security during the holy, Month to Monitor the prices of stuffs on daily basis along with other Monitoring agency in KP through coordination. The Month of Ramzan(ninth Month of Islamic calendar) is obligatory (faraz) on all Muslims of the world without any justification and all the adult(men, women) above the age of 14 will took fasting as a routine job following the instruction and guide lines already mentioned in Quran. Only those are excluded who are in trouble due to disease or in journey or abnormal.All those who believes in Allah, on the day of judgment and read Kalma Tiiba will definitely, observed this holy Month with great amplitude, adoration and respect. Why this month is so important in the history of Islam and why it has been given so much preference must be understand? In this month the Holy Quran Ul Majeed was befall on prophet Mohammad(sm) through Angel Gabriel.All the gates of heaven remain open in the month of Ramzan. This Month was actually an opportunity for all the Muslims to rumble in front of Allah,and request for what sins,evils they had done in their lives and also to appeal to the creator of the world for mercy. The Muslims all over the world this time needs more focus on their deal and deeds in the prevailing situation of COVAID-19,and also the plight of Muslims countries engaged in war and confrontations. Nearly all the religions have had a fasting system as part of their beliefs like Christians, jews and Hinduism but it is only ,the religion of Islam which had practiced a very chaste, and unique system to adore Allah and follow his sayings with most bestow and sincerity. The term Ramzan was derived from Arabic word ramad which means scorching heat or intensely heated by the sun. In the year 610 A.D the angel Gabriel appeared to prophet and revealed to him Quran the holy book of islam. The fasting was made obligatory(wajib) during the month of Shaban (8th month)in the second year after the Muslims migrated from Makkah to Medina(624 A.D).It is the only adoration where a person had direct link with Allah will that’s why it is said, that the alternate of Ramzan will be awarded by Allah directly on the day of judgement. Its importance can be seen in the basic credenda of Islam( klma tuiba, outprayed, fasting,haj,zakat). The Muslims all over the world took fasting since    adawn to dark at evening. The Muslims consider everything forbidden in a day time which spoil essence or make ones thinking dirt. The feasting has many benefits for humans physically, physiologically and scientifically. In general, it cleans a human body which had suffering and suffocation for eating continuously in 11 months. The new research has shown that it give power and revitalize the human cells,organs, blood and tissues .It makes human energetic and dynamics as well. On Islamic point of view the most important benefit of Ramzan is no doubt (the realization of ones hungers and thirst especially, of those who had deprivation in their lives. In life this kind of support will makes one ace and unique with Islamic Philosophy . Thats why in Yeman during a Friday sermons the scholar announced that it is the sweet voice trembled from the utensils of rich people which creates noise so be careful and humble to the poor’s lets prepare row for prayer.

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