Government failure: a stimulus for backwardness


Zaman Gamani
Government has failed to drive the country towards development. The country is going backward these days rather than going forward. Furthermore, it has been undergoing some catastrophic issues since its independence. Specifically, crime, poverty, and unemployment . The government has been failed to eradicate these problematic issues. A large number of people are being killed in robberies, and stealings, Thousands of people have committed suicide because of poverty and unemployment in the country. Moreover, because of not taking prompt action against them, they are escalating day by day. The country will face grave repercussions,if the government does not tackle these issues soon. Crime has reached on its peak in Pakistan. There is not a single day when crime does not occur. In addition,the crimes are done by two types of people, first by that person who wants to create violence in the country, second by that who takes drugs. Because of not getting enough money for drugs,they start doing crimes. Crime includes rape, murder, kidnapping and stealing. Thousands of people lost their precious lives in kidnappings and stealings. According to Official Statistics, 22,000 rape cases were reported in the last six years and more than 3,500 cases of sexual abuse were reported. And according to the Dawn newspaper, in 2019, 28,609 motorcycles were stolen but unfortunately, in 2020 which climbed to 34,908. The crime rate is again going to touch the sky. The crime rate of the country has reached in 3.88 in 2018. In addition ,poverty has been the main factor to stop the country becoming develop and going forward. The poverty ratio of the country is spreading like Covid-19 . A great deal of people have been effected by poverty. According to Dr, Hafiz A pasha the country’s well-known economist, the poverty ratio of the country was 31.3pc in June 2018, but in 2020 which jumped at 40pc. In place of decreasing poverty, it is increasing. On the other hand, china’s poverty ratio was 49.8pc in 2000 but fortunately, it de-escalated at 0.6 ratio in    2019. China has lifted more than 800 million people out of poverty. urthermore, unemployment has defined as a state in which a person is without job. It is one of the major issues of pakistan.Thousands of youths are unemployed in Pakistan and the unemployment rate is touching the sky day by day. The people with PhD, master degrees are still unemployed. The unemployment rate of the country was 0.42pc in 2003 which climbed at 3.57pc in 2015. And the unemployment rate reached at 4.45 in 2020. Due to unemployment, people can not afford three times meals which encourage them to do crimes, such as stealings, robberies, kidnappings to live their lives and fulfil their wishes without hurdles. Though crime is a big issue in Pakistan but still there are ways to finish it. First,the government needs to implement strict laws in country like Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, If a man rapes a girl, he will be beheaded in the public. Similarly, pakistan needs to create such laws to decrease the rape cases in the country. Second, the government needs to eradicate drugs, poverty and unemployment from the root which are the main causes of crime. Third, it needs to reduce illiteracy rate in the country because most of the crimes are done by illiterate people. Though poverty is a challenging problem, the government can easily solve it by taking some necessary steps such as, the government needs to eradicate unemployment.The youths must be given jobs. Second, The government should provide food, drinking water, and all basic needs free to all. The third step is to provide funds to the destitute families to live their lives without difficulties. In Iran, the people get funds by Iran government to finish poverty in the country. similarly, pakistan government should provide funds which can decrease the poverty rate . By these solutions, the problem like poverty can be solve easily.Though unemployment is one of the major problems of pakistan, there are several solutions to tackle the problem. For instance, the government should allow more and more private companies. Second, the government should work on its population which is escalating rapidly. Third, there are many people who are holding two or more than two jobs at a time, the government should take serious action against them. Fourth, due to energy crisis, the industries are shifting to other developed countries like USA, Bangladesh, and India. These are some necessary solutions to erase unemployment from the country. To cut a long story short, because of the heedlessness of the government, people are facing issues like, crime, poverty, and unemployment. If the government needs to take the country towards development, it needs to work on them. The government can easily overcome these problematic issues by taking serious actions against them.