Artificial Intelligence and Humanity


Naseebullah Khan
Destinations have reduced. Any type of information is available with just one click press on 24/7. Medicalization has revolutionized. Digital assistance and weather information have further transformed the living styles. On the other side, the implications of artificial intelligence on labour market, the privacy of the users, inequality, algorithm automation biases , fake news and propaganda, and weaponization would ultimately lead humanity towards destruction. Robots, small assistants like (Siri and Alexa), disease mapping and prediction tools, drones, healthcare treatments and recommendations, the use of Netflex and spotify, myriad of software like image recognition, IBM,s Watson, Facebook, Google search engine, disparate satellites, etc. have brought comfort and leisure for humanity. The innovation has been still taking place.What humanity could pay for this? The fears are that artificial intelligence could bring disastrous implications. Despite its prons, experts are agreed that its cons could endanger humanity in future. Tesla founder Elan musk worried about the risks of artificial intelligence and said that, “Mark my words, artificial intelligence is more dangerous than nukes.” A resemble fear was observed by renowned physicist late Stephon Hawking by saying that artificial intelligence,s impact could be cataclysmic unless its rapid development is strictly and ethically controlled.The numerous drawbacks of artificial intelligence would be calamitous. It could increase unemployment as labour would lose jobs with the invention of robotic machines and smart assistants. As one automated machine has the capability of replacing countless manpower. According to the available data, we create 2.5 to 3 quintillion bytes of digital data throughout the globe. The privacy violation of this data is a huge issue. The hacking of data could be fatal for humanity, God forbids if any criminal access that.Algorithmic bias, fake news and propaganda caused by bad data through artificial intelligence is another risk of innovation. It could be a gigantic danger for humanity, equality and progress. Many tech companies and some countries could use it for their self-interests with a great deal of influence.The earthshaking impacts could be the weaponization of the    world as space war among the nations has already been taking place. This automatization of arms could lead humanity towards deterioration. If someone launches biological warfare, then? The drone cameras are already in the market, it could be used as a weapon by installing a software and pistol on it. In addition to that, the recent killing of Irani scientist Mr.Fakhrayzada by automatic weapons cements the fears. Worldwide spending on artificial intelligence has been increasing. It has been estimated to reach 110 billion US dollars by 2024 from the present amount of 50.1 billion US dollars, while by 2030, China has a plan to allocate 70 billion US dollar for artificial intelligence. Acquiring this technology would no doubt provide benefits to humanity but, its risks surpass the advantages. What is needed is that the smart use of artificial intelligence with a proper mechanism is the need of the hour. It could be adopted through the umbrella of the UNO ( specifically in the case of weapons and arms race).