For trade Pakistan must move steps towards super power countries: TJP Chairman


RAWALPINDI,   (Parliament Times) : Chairman Tehreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan (TJP) Mohammad Abdullah Gul while talking to reporters on the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Pakistan said that Russia-Pakistan relations have reached a new milestone in the region and a sign of improvement in region. He said that the rapprochement between India and the United States in the region has made it imperative for us to build strong ties with Russia and other superpowers. He said that the government should establish good and balanced relations with all the superpowers so that there is trade with all the countries and Pakistan should not be dependent on any one country or superpower like before. He added that if the government establishes a North-South Pipeline, a defense agreement and a Central Eurasian Corridor with Russia that connects Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan with the railways, it could prove to be a major C-Pack-like trade project. If it does, it will shake up global politics and reduce Pakistan’s dependence on the United States. He welcomed consideration that Pakistan, in partnership with Russia, is working on local aspects of the local preparation for the coronavirus vaccine made in Russia. It will fortunately not only save our foreign exchange but will also make Pakistan one of the leading countries in the development of Code 19 vaccines.